St. John's Parents Page

Resources for parents at St. John's and the community​

Parents are valuable to the church. This page is here for you as you nurture and guide your children in Christ's love. You will find newsletters and links that will help you encourage your children as they grow in faith. It is also a practical way to get information about children and youth events at St. John's. You will also find release forms and information about future events.


Camp Outreach is just around the corner! You can register right here on the St. John's website under the Camp Outreach event. Please remember to give Mrs. Cheryl the $10 registration fee, baby wipes, and jar of peanut butter.

Children's Events


Our youth participate in Sunday School classes, Wednesday Night Live programs, as well as youth activities twice a month. Sunday mornings the high school class will meet in the youth room and the confirmation class (grades 6-8) and students who not been confirmed) will meet in the 6-8 grade room upstairs. The youth will meet twice a month after the 11 a.m. Sunday service for outreach, learning, spiritual growth and just plain fun!

Youth Events

May 19 is a big Sunday!

Youth & Senior Sunday is a combined event this year and it will be an awesome opportunity to have our youth lead both services as we celebrate our graduating seniors. If you are going to graduate high school this spring or you know someone who is, please contact Glenn Meschko.

All children, their parents, and our wonderful Christian Education team are invited to the End of Year Party at the Jeffersons'! A lifeguard will be on duty if you want to swim in the pool. Please plan to join us after the 11 a.m. service.


The Book of Common Prayer says of confirmation that, “In the course of their Christian development, those baptized at an early age are expected, when they are ready and have been duly prepared, to make a mature public affirmation of their faith and commitment to the responsibilities of their baptism and to receive the laying on of hands by the bishop. Those baptized as adults are also expected to make a public affirmation of their faith” (BCP 412).

This year we will be offering a Confirmation class for students grades 6-8 and for older students who have not been confirmed. Confirmation will take place in the 6-8 grade room. Please contact Glenn Meschko at [email protected] if you have questions.