Pay it forward Testimonials

Our Outreach team recently sent out $10 to our members and asked them to give back to our community, for the Glory of God. These are their stories.


” Thank you, St. John’s parish for the encouragement to continue our commitment to outreach during this very stressful time of social distancing. It was a personal blessing to take the $10 which the parish sent every member and multiply it 6 times for a donation to Family Promise.
I took the liberty of contacting the director since I have volunteered in her office previously. She filled me in on the various ways the Family Promise is helping those in need during this time of social isolation. It was so gratifying to learn the creative ways they have discovered to assist without having a facility to house and feed them meals in the usual manner. I am blessed to be a member of the loving St. John’s Parish.”
– Lynn Broussard

“We took the ten dollars giving  it to the food pantry .  We felt that is where it needed to go at this time.”  – Kaye and Ralph Haynes

“I gave my $10 to a wounded homeless vet that was sitting on the side of the road asking for help.” – Kristin F.


“While I was getting gas at Exxon at Landa I saw a gentleman rummaging through trash cans. He found a few cups that were not empty and drank from them.  He then went inside the store.  I was on my way to take my in-laws to a Dr appointment but I told myself I have some time to help this guy out, if necessary.  I met him inside and he had a cup of coffee.  I asked him if I could buy him some food…he stated no and then I asked him his name (It was Carlos) and I told him mine.  I then asked him again and he said he would have a few tacos.  We got the tacos and he thanked me and I asked him to take the rest of the change from my $20 but he would not take it.  I asked if he had a home and he stated he lived around here.  He then sat inside to eat his food.  We then said goodbye.  I have seen him several times around the downtown area…and am going to keep an eye out for him…as I believe he is homeless.”  – Bob Wells

I used my $10 towards lunch for my office. There are not very many of us that work in the office each week (we rotate one week at home and one week in office). It gets rather lonely sometimes. So when I overheard some of the girls talking about lunch, I was more than happy to give them $10 towards it! Their faces lit up! It felt great to be able to help out. Especially right now….it was nice to bring some joy to our working environment Thank you for this opportunity!!” – Catie Cabe